Follow these Simple Revision Techniques to Boost Your JEE Main March 2021 Score

We are through the first attempt of JEE Main 2021 February attempt & now 2nd attempt is on its way. Second phase of JEE Main 2021 Paper 2 will be conducted from 16th-18th March. Hopefully everyone of you is happy with the score of the first attempt, if not do gear up for the second attempt as now you have a better idea of how the exam is coming, level of questions, time management. NTA released the Answer key & result for February attempt in the second week of March. Congratulations to all the 99+ percentilers from team Gradeup.

In this article, we will be sharing some simple revision techniques that you can follow in the last week before paper to boost your score in the upcoming JEE Main Examination.

As we predicted, JEE Main 2021 first attempt was more or less based on NCERT standards. Overall level of the exam was easy & any good student who has devoted his/her time seriously can achieve 180 marks easily. 

Now, coming to the actual point of planning an effective revision to maximize your score.

Here are some tips that will help you in designing a perfect Revision Strategy for JEE March 2021.

Tip 1. Do not forget the past: If you have attempted February session, don’t forget the learnings from that & plan your studies/revision based on that. Figure out what made you unable to achieve the marks you expected to achieve or would like to achieve. Plan your JEE Exam Preparation accordingly.

Tip 2. Mark all the issues/speed breakers: Now you actually know the level of preparation you have to judge yourself accurately. What was it? Time management issues, you got stuck in one question for too long, you had problems while calculations, was it poor applications of concepts? You have to figure out the actual problem & start working on them to achieve what you couldn’t in the first attempt.

Tip 3. Evaluation through Mock is must: A warrior always learns from a battle, no matter if the battle was won or lost. You have to apply the same strategy in JEE Exam Preparation, practice & learn through mistakes. And should give more to JEE Main Mock Test 2021 to crack the JEE Exam. At Least try to attempt 4-5 mocks in the week and set the momentum for the next attempt.

Tip 4. Fill the gaps : Those certain topics that you felt you could have scored full marks in after leaving the exam hall, revise them through your notes in the last week. Make sure you don’t have the same regret after exiting the exam hall this time.

Tip 5. Practice as per the asked level:  As observed in the first phase, each subject had almost 50 percent of easy questions, formula based questions were asked. So don’t take pride by solving tough questions at the last moment. Practice for hitting six at a slower baller than a faster bowler, because faster bowler is not reality.

Tip 6. Write down all the formulas & practice at least 10 questions on each: Some really easy formula based questions were asked in JEE Main 2021 February session, especially in Physics session that can be highly scoring & can save alot of time if results are remembered exactly. So write it down at one place & practice some questions based on it.

Tip 7. Revise NCERT thoroughly once for Chemistry: As mentioned above, half battle will be won if you get successful in attempting all the easy questions accurately. Inorganic portion was fully based on NCERT, you can manage to score at least 70 marks in Chemistry section if you have read NCERT thoroughly.

Tip 8. Practice for only positive marks: Negative marking is the biggest enemy of aspirants that makes them lose their desired college. So make your brain prepare for leaving questions that you are not confident about. Try practicing it in the mocks, only attempt those questions that you are confident about, blind guesses are not good when it comes to such nerve wrecking competitive exams.

Do follow these revision Strategy for JEE March 2021 in the last week of preparation before the exam, surely you will see an improvement in your performance in the next phase of JEE Main 2021.

Team Gradeup

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