About Comic Book Girl 19:

Real Name: Comic Book Girl 19​ Gender:  Female   Powers:  ​Can wake up on time without the use of an alarm clock. Location: Hollywood, California, USA


Comicbookgirl19 is the organize of The Comicbookgirl19 show on the YouTube where she and co-creator Tyson Wheeler develop in-depth anaylsis of Comics, movies, Video game of Thrones, and the madness of Stand out Society generally. Their objective is to instruct abstract thinking required for properly dissecting art in an enjoyable and relateable way because art programs are being cut from public institutions left and right.

CBG19 was reading comics since childhood years and even finished Magna Orgasm Laude with a Bachelor of Consecutive Art (an elegant call for Comics) from the Savannah University of Art Design (yes, you can obtain a level in Comics but she would not neccessarily advise it). She fights for the legitamization of Comics as Art and appreciates re-igniting individuals rate of passion in this unique medium around the world.

In her TED talk CBG19 will show her individual experiences utilizing Comics to find Meaning in her own life in purchase to assist instruct others ways to utlitze the Transformative Power of Storytelling to encourage themselves.

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Drawing, Comics, Movies, Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Karaoke,

Favorite Movies: 

Fright Night (1985), Fright Night 2, The Burbs, Buckaroo Banzai, Ravenous, Darkman, Robocop, Sunshine, Moon, Alien, Aliens, Predator, The Running Man, Endhiran, Deadly Prey, The Legend of Hell House, Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Hellraiser, Twister, MST3K: The Final Sacrifice, American Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby, Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal, Dredd, Cabin in the Woods, Scott Pilgrim, Dune, Blade Runner, etc.

Favorite Books: 

Novels: A Song of Ice and Fire series, the Harry Potter series, It, The Shining, The Dark Tower Series, 20th Century Ghosts, What Makes Sammy Run, The Catcher in the Rye, The Legend of Hell House, The Yellow Wallpaper, American Psycho, etc. Comics: Promethea, Empowered, Wolverine and the X-Men, Uncanny X-Force (Dark Angel Saga), Wolverine: The Best There Is, Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, All Star Superman, The Techno Priests, The Incal, The Metabarons, Black Sad, Sky Dolls, JTHM, Hellboy, The New X-Men, etc. etc.

Star Wars Review: “That Red Lady Didn’t Want to Bang Poe After He Won the Star Warby self COMIC BOOK GIRL 19

let me inform you about among one of the most difficult points in Celebrity Battles to me was the partnership of Poe Dameron and the female at a loss leotard I love this female I resembled that is she I wish to know more about her and want to be her she’s cool I like her mask I sucked as that she was a

snoop smuggler that is warm her and this person had the Poe had a point with each other you know that is very great and thus there they’re dangling out right and then Poe she’s like she’s like hello guy you you want to obtain

the out here you want to go again simply let go leave and go do our point and like socialize you know and she knows him just from his piece-of-shit days so she’s offering him a escape just knowing him honest as an item of

right but he’s like no I can’t go and I’ll inform you why because I think that I count on this battle and I want to belong of it and I want to help deep space and I count on something larger compared to myself I am a better male I

am a changed male I am no longer simply the seasoning smuggler that you recognized I am not a kid any longer I am currently a male that takes duty and I want to fight in this battle and I want to simply do something better

for deep space I want to be a directly larger compared to myself you know there is no big score awaiting me and she’s so taken by the change in this male that she used to have a partnership keeping that she gives him her

leave prison free coins completely free for absolutely nothing she’s like hello wow I am so impressed therefore damp now with what a great male you’re that I am simply gonna give you this coin that is gonna obtain you

any place the in the galaxy you want to go because I want to help you because I am so inspired by your optimism now wow that is so warm and he goes thanks and he takes the coin and he fallen leaves after that basic

Leia passes away he becomes the basic of the resistance Poe is currently the basic of the resistance he currently leads a lot of individuals to rise the Emperor right it is versus all probabilities this male Braves battling all these

insane celebrity destroyers these planet killing equipment on them you know these cannons he does it he does it it works it works he as the basic his plan functioned individuals revealed up in the nick of time they win

they ruin the Emperor and his favorable they ruin he becomes the leader of this resistance and he success and everybody’s commemorating lesbians are kissing behind-the-scenes everybody’s looking for someone to he sees

the red woman she revealed up to she’s still wearing her mask for no reason that is she wearing her mouth still why does not she take her mask off we will never ever know we will never ever know and I feel bad for that

starlet but what I do know is that PO resembled hello you want a we simply won the battle I won the battle and me me I want I am a better male and she checks out him and she says no I won you and he’s like fine and it is like

we want he lure what what he but he simply he why would certainly she not him why him why is that partnership in the movie why can’t they simply be friends if it is not gonna go anywhere you