Blog vs. Podcast

Blog vs. Podcast

Getting online traffic to your business site can be pretty tricky. There are so many ways to do it, yet none of them will work if you can’t do it right.

Your audience will only interact with your site if they find what they want. Gaining recognition for your business is not easy.

But you can achieve quite a substantial amount of visitors if you try and use blogs or podcasts. But which one do you go to?

If you’re asked about the top ways to drive traffic into your site, Podcasts and Blogs are on top of the list.

They leave the other media far behind. You can bring life back to your business with Podcasts or blogs. And if you’re confused about which one to pick, read our article to get a better insight.

The Proper Use of Skills

If you want your business to succeed, you need to interact with the audience. You can choose to interact in a variety of ways. Some people are more comfortable with typing, while others love to speak up. It depends on you whether you want to express your ideas with writing or your voice. You might be good at both, but there is probably a medium on which you’re better.

And the person who can determine your strong point is you! You will know how good you are with voice recordings or your typing. You can choose to express your ideas with either one. But you will probably use the method which you know best. All you got to do is overcome your weaknesses by getting the most out of your strengths.

Effects on the Search rankings

If you know about search engines’ previous optimization systems, you will see how the texts had a higher impact. So the blogs had quite an edge over their voice integrated counterparts. The search results would only bring the podcasts up if they had a transcript. This used to happen as Google search or the other search engines prioritized texts.

But only until recently, podcasts would automatically get transcribed. This is pretty specific for Google Podcasts, and Apple is closely following suit. So if a Podcast is up, Google Podcasts would automatically transcribe it and make it visible in the searches. So the immediate upper hand that blogs had over podcasts has started to fade. But this is only applicable for some specific searches.

To find podcasts, almost 9 times out of 10, you need to include the word “Podcast” after your search. And if you’re the one who’s searching, I don’t suppose that you’ll be pretty inclined to do that. People can get their answers very quickly in blog posts. You can go into a blog post and search for specific words too.

You can’t pull that rabbit out of the hat for a Podcast now, can you? So if you want to look for a specific bit of information in a podcast, you’ll have a more challenging time finding it.

Unfortunately, due to search engines’ text biasedness, you can’t expect your Podcast to do good. But if you provide the perfect transcripts and necessary keywords into your podcast page, you can still hope to see them on the results page.

Benefits of Choosing Blogging

It’s no surprise that blogs have made a wild name for themselves when searching engines. They have climbed to the top spot for media choices for putting out content on the internet. And the reasons are quite obvious too. If you can put together a well-written piece on the internet by incorporating the right words and phrases, your article will discover people looking for it.

But writing well can’t be the only criteria. You need to incorporate a little bit of content marketing to stay on top of the game. If you can’t put the words together correctly, the readers will jump to the next result at the tap of a button. They won’t bother with how well you right if you can’t get through to them.

Benefits of Choosing Podcasting

Blogging has all the benefits as they are sharable, searchable, accessible, and they are pretty much low effort when you’re comparing things with Podcasting. But they still have the upper hand. So what would even tempt you to always go for Podcasts? Well, if you prefer to choose the easy way to share your content, by all means, go for blogs.

But if you want to captivate the audience, you can’t do it with blogs because the sheer tone of your voice in podcasts makes it the more viable option. You can even get your feelings through in a much easier way with Podcasts. You can emphasize on your company website and showcase the steps you took for your service in a much more exciting way with your voice. You can disagree and say that you can express your emotions well in writing too. I’m not disagreeing, but you can express yourself better with your voice.

On top of that, you can build up a proper relationship with your audience when you decide to go for podcasts. You will even have the luxury of low competition when compared to blogging.

Bottom Line

Whether you opt for blog writing or Podcasting, the bar is set at a pretty standard height. The art of content marketing is critical in both cases. If you can’t put two and two together, you’ll fail even before launching your campaign. For your business to grow online, you need to invest a lot into the proper marketing. And you can get that done with either blogs or podcasts. Considering the current search engine optimizations, blogs are ahead. You can get your blogs through to the people with a little tweaking. And Google will do the rest. You can achieve the same results with Podcasts too, but you got to put in a bit of effort.